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    Why do wallpapers come in varying widths? What’s the difference between a single roll and double roll?

    A single roll and double roll of wallpaper are both just one roll of wallpaper with the double roll being longer than a single roll in length. Two single rolls are equal to one double roll.

    What is the best way to determine how many rolls I will need?

    Please check our roll calculator.

    What is a panoramic mural?

    Panoramic wallpaper murals are wall arts used to wrap a wall for a more dramatic effect. Panoramic murals give a wide view of any image such as skylines and landscapes.

    Please check our available designs for panoramic murals

    How many years does a wallpaper last?

    If properly maintained, wallpapers can stay for as good as 5-10 years.

    Wallpaper is more expensive than paint. Why should I buy wallpaper?

    Paint is generally cheaper than wallpaper. However, wallpaper lasts longer compared to paint so the costs even out over time. Aside from this, there are many design options when using wallpaper.

    Read our blog on wallpaper versus paint

    What does the batch number that is noted on my wallpaper mean?

    The batch number refers to the lot number, which indicates the product’s history of production. Wallpaper is made in batches with color variation between batches. If you run short of wallpaper than you need, it is best to order wallpaper from the same batch to ensure color matching.

    What does pattern repeat mean?

    The pattern repeat refers to the repeat length of pattern on the wallpaper. Simple patterns like stripes and random patterns are easier to be matched up than complex pattern designs. The more complex the design, the more important it is to know the repeat length.

    What’s the difference between pre-pasted and un-pasted wallpaper? Which is better?

    Pre-pasted wallpaper has paste applied on its backing. Pre-pasted wallpapers are ideal for do-it-yourself installations common in residential wallpapers. Commercial wallpapers are un-pasted and typically installed by professional fixers.

    Do you need glue for pre-pasted wallpaper?

    Pre-pasted wallpapers have cured adhesive applied to the backing. But if you feel the glue is not enough, you can always apply additional paste. However, please note that there are special adhesives used when pasting wallpaper.


    Carpet tiles

    What are carpet tiles?

    Carpet tiles, also known as modular carpets, are square cut from wall to wall carpet rolls, which can be fitted together to cover the floor area. Carpet tiles offer limitless combination and easy to maintain and replace.

    What kind of adhesive should I use for carpet tiles?

    There is a special adhesive used for sticking down carpet tiles. When installing carpet tiles, we do not recommend using hard adhesive so they can be easily lifted for replacement.

    Is it ok to install carpet tiles on top of original flooring?

    We do not recommend installing carpet tile on top of your original floor to avoid damaging it.

    How many carpet tiles do I need to cover my floor?

    Calculating your required carpet tiles can be tricky especially if you’re opting for a combination, but we can calculate them for you. You can always call us at at +912240120033 or email us at [email protected].

    How do you clean and maintain carpet tiles?

    Most carpet tiles can be cleaned using a vacuum. To remove stains, you can consider steam cleaning. We recommend that you always refer to our cleaning and maintenance guide to help you maintain your carpet tiles.


    What are the best rugs for high traffic areas?

    Here’s a quick guide to commonly used materials for your home:

    • Wool –living room, dining room, high traffic areas
    • Cotton –kitchen, bathroom, casual spaces
    • Synthetics –hallways, outdoors, high traffic areas

    Why is my wool rug shedding?

    All wool sheds even when they are made with high quality material. Normally, wool rug sheds most when brand new. To avoid over-shedding, don’t pull the fibres. When cleaning the wool rug, vacuum with the pile and not against it.

    What is the best way to clean a rug? Is it ok to use a vacuum cleaner?

    Generally, it’s ok to use a vacuum cleaner on a new rug, especially those that are flat-woven. However, you should be more cautious with rugs with long fibres. We recommend dry-cleaning or using handheld vacuums to avoid shedding your rugs.

    What’s the difference between a wool and synthetic material for my rugs?

    Wool rugs are usually softer and more luxurious than rugs made of synthetic material. The natural texture of wool allows it to quickly recover from indenting caused by heavy furniture. While wool rug is perfect for indoors, we recommend synthetic rugs for outdoors.

    Vinyl Floors

    Can I put heavy appliance down directly on vinyl floor?

    For heavy furniture and appliances, you can use non-staining surface floor protector under the legs to avoid scratching the surface. Be careful in using rubber protector because it may stain your vinyl.

    How do I clean my vinyl floor?

    Vinyl floors can be washed and scrubbed with soap and water. We recommend that you always refer to our cleaning and maintenance guide to help you maintain your vinyl floors.


    What are the types of fabrics that I can choose from for my home?

    When choosing the right fabric for your home, consider your requirements for the room. Here’s a quick guide to the different types of fabrics for your home:

    • Blinds –cotton, linen
    • Cushions –cotton, linen, velvet
    • Drapery –linen
    • Upholstery –cotton, linen, ryon, nylon

    Can your fabrics be washed by normal domestic machine-washing?

    Different type of material requires different kind of care. Generally, cotton and synthetic fabrics are machine washable. However, cotton may shrink when washed. Some velvet can be washable while others are not. We recommend that you always refer to our cleaning and maintenance guide to help you maintain your vinyl floors.

    Customer Support

    How can I obtain a sample of your wallpaper or fabric?

    You can request samples through the added feature on our website. Just click the ‘Request for Sample’ and we’ll receive your request. Aside from this, you can always call us at +912240120033 or email your request at [email protected].

    Do you have a catalog?

    All of our active collections are available on the website or in a sample book featuring the actual product. You can also download a playbook for our special collections.

    What is a playbook?

    A playbook contains information about the collection. It shows an overview of the brand, collection inspiration and room set pictures of some of the products in the collection. It also leaves the sales support contact so you can easily reach us when you get inspired by our collection.

    How do I request technical specification of your products?

    You can request for the technical specification through the added feature on our website. Just click the ‘Download Technical Details’ button and we’ll receive your request. Aside from this, you can always call us at +912240120033 or email us at [email protected].

    Can I check stock and pricing for your products on the website?

    We are pleased to announce that you can now check stock on our website.

    What is quickship?

    Quickship is our 24 hour delivery service. Our popular brands of residential and designer wallpaper, and carpet tiles are now in stock for 24hours delivery. We keep stock of over 5,000 products from trusted brands like Rasch and Rasch Textil, Collins & Company, TPP & EO, BN, and Casadeco & Caselio.

    Can I purchase discontinued products?

    Once products are discontinued, they are no longer in stock and not available for sale.