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    About Us

    Backed with the expertise gained from twenty-seven years of experience and an all-capable infrastructure, we have set ourselves on a course of advancement, which will enable us to branch into new horizons. Striving to always be one step ahead of the trends whilst keeping a keen look out for the next innovation.

    NGC Nafees started off as a warehouse offering wallpapers for the residential market. Years later, it started to extend its focus towards the commercial market that prompts the addition of more products.

    From wallpapers, NGC Nafees now carries a style-packed diversity of wall coverings, floorings, and fabrics that cater to all types of needs. Currently, it carries more than 50 trusted brands in interior furnishing under its portfolio.

    With growing its product offering, NGC Nafees aims to serve its client better while at the same time opening its doors to more commercial opportunities.

    NGC Nafees has taken over prestigious projects across the Middle East, and recently opened its showroom in Mumbai looking forward to bring, this time in India, the best interior furnishings in the region.

    Our Team

    Abbas Kagalwala
    Murtaza Kagalwala
    James Prathap
    • 2008
      NGC Middle East

      is established to cater for the increased demand for commercial products

    • 2010
      NGC Flagship Showroom, Dubai

      A critical step forward for the NGC brand

    • 2017
      NGC Asia

      NGC opens a showroom & offie in Mumbai

    • 2020
      NGC Asia

      The business continues to open new key accounts within different sectors

    • 2006

      is established as a retail outlet for residential wallpapers

    • 2009
      Commercial Project

      NGC wins multiple key commercial projects within first year

    • 2012
      The Paper Partnership, UK

      The Creative Studio for designing and manufacturing high quality wallpaper for the residential market

    • 2019
      NGC Nafees Walls Floors Fabrics

      A strong portfolio of flooring and fabric products get added to the compliment NGC's wallpaper lines