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“If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.”

-Isaac Newton

Our History

The business was formed 3 decades ago, and it has seen a number of changes and development over this time. This of course is natural with any business spanning this time frame.

The goal was and has always been about commitment, commitment to our products, commitment to our customers and commitment to our team.

The residential market has always been our fate, however in order to cater for the need at the time in 2008 we started to direct our focus towards the commercial market, till today we continue to do so and look forward to a complete solution for the hospitality sector for the walls and floors.

Ceo’s Message

NGC started off as warehouse and today we are Nafees group of companies. We are committed and passionate, all the things one must endeavour to obtain for success. How can success be measured? We can look back to where we came from and where we are now. Evolving is also success. If I look back over the last 30 years, I see the future. With a vision that was and is at times daring, I look to inspire my team and motivate them and take risks on a path less travelled.

But it is by standing on my father’s shoulders that I have been able to stand from where I am today. One day, I aim to be the giant for the next generation to follow to continue a vision which makes NGC a force in our industry.

Murtaza Kagalwala

Ceo - ngc nafees