5 Tips for Buying the Perfect Wallpaper for Your Home

Modern techniques and materials have encouraged apartment owners to turn to wallpapering. Like flooring, the walls of your property have the power to transform your ordinary home into a luxurious abode.

Wallpapers are an excellent way of adding colour and interest to your rooms. But with lots of superb options today, finding the perfect wallpaper for your home can be a daunting task.

Here are five proven tips to help you buy the best home wallpaper.

1. Figure out how you’ll use the wallpaper in your home

There are different ways of using wallpaper in your home. You can use it to highlight a specific space or to enhance the entire appearance of the room. Determining how you will use it in your apartment will make it a lot easier for you to sort through the different styles and patterns available.

Cover all four walls

Using wallpaper to cover all the four corners of the room is the traditional way of installing this type of wall covering. It makes the room simple yet more fascinating instead of leaving the walls dull and bare.

Accent walls

Wallpapers can instantly transform a room into a space with a touch of style and design. You can just feature one wall to direct the eyes into it. For instance, you can install wallpaper on the wall behind a special décor to highlight the furniture.

Also, you can install two different wallpapers in one room, such as a tropical leaf pattern for an accent wall and a solid-coloured one for the other walls.

Chair rails

Installing wallpaper below or above the chair rail will bring depth and warmth to the room. This can also break up the hallway and introduce a unique interest in it.

You can try different patterns for either side, too. You can also anchor the wall with an interesting pattern below the chair rail. By choosing the right combination of designs, you can create an element of surprise not seen in most homes.


Highlight a particular home décor by installing wallpaper above wainscoting. Opt for patterns that match the colour and design of the room.

On the ceiling

Wallpaper can also be applied to the ceiling to make the room more attractive and unique.

2. Choose the material

Wallpapers are made of different kinds of materials. Here are some of the best options:


Vinyl wallpaper is the most common type because of its ease of care and durability. It is made of vinyl film over a paper or fabric backing. The type that’s backed with fabric is considered the most durable because it can be washed and scrubbed, and can be easily removed without leaving any residue on your wall. It is also highly resistant to moisture.

Vinyl wallpaper that’s backed with paper is lightweight. It mimics rough walls like granite, grass-cloth, and plaster, so this is your best choice for walls that are rough or uneven.

Another option for this category is wallpaper coated with thin vinyl. However, it must only be used for smooth walls and low-traffic areas because it is easily torn and stained as opposed to the other vinyl types.

Foiled and flocked

Foiled and flocked wallpapers appear fancy and elegant. These are often used in dark spaces because of their ability to brighten up space. But be gentle when using these types as these wrinkle easily.


Textile wallpaper is made of natural fibres like cotton and linen with paper backing, but some options today are made of polyester. It is available in a wide selection of colours and textures ranging from very simple to elegant and formal.


Hand-screened wallpapers are expensive because of how they are made. The colours of the paper are applied separately, using handmade silk screens instead of machines. Because its patterns are different from machine-printed options, greater finesse is required when installing it.

An important note when using this type of wall covering is to ask about the dyes used because some manufacturers use water-soluble tints. In such cases, avoid installing it in rooms with a high moisture level, such as the bathroom and kitchen, to prevent the colour from running.

3. Find the right design

Wallpapers are available in over a hundred designs, so you are not limited to plain choices. To narrow down your options, decide on what colour and pattern to purchase.

Small and large patterns

You can use both small and large patterns in a room, regardless of its size. A large wallpaper outline can be used in a small bathroom to create more drama, while small patterns can be used in large spaces where they can be broken up by doors, furniture, and windows.


Dark spaces are best designed with metallic wallcoverings because of the latter’s ability to reflect light. If the room has a small opening, reflective and shiny metallic wallpapers can brighten it up.

Textured and flat

Choosing between a textured and flat design is a matter of personal style. Generally, textured patterns give off a casual look, while flat designs will make a wall look more refined.

Vertical and horizontal

Vertical lines make a room appear taller, while horizontal lines make the space seem wider. Proper orientation will result in an excellent aesthetic effect.

4. Measure the space

Knowing how much wallpaper you need is tricky. But here is the basic formula to get the right measurement.

Step 1: Measure the height of the walls in feet and multiply it by the width of each wall.

Step 2: Get the sum of all the wall measurements in square footage.

Step 3: Subtract the measurements of the doors, windows, and other openings.

Step 4: Look into the roll label to determine how much it can cover. Make sure to buy a roll that can cover more than the computed total square footage.

Generally, it would be best to get an extra roll of wallpaper. To make sure that all rolls are from the same product run, buy everything you need in one shopping trip. Look at the batch numbers to guarantee that there will be no colour variation.

5. Enlist professional help

Experts in wallpapers are your best resource in finding the perfect wallcovering for your space. They can help you with just about anything — from selecting the most appropriate design to making exact measurements.

Here at NGC Nafees, we offer a comprehensive selection of high-quality wallcoverings perfect for all buildings. We can also help you with proper residential wallpaper installation and provide you with care instructions.

Choosing the best wall covering for your house is easy if you follow these tried-and-proven tips, so you can easily transform your bare, dull space into an extraordinary retreat.

Why Use Wallpaper to Update Your Hotel Rooms

Establishments whose primary purpose is providing accommodation need to update their interiors regularly. Owners have to do this to keep up with the times and make their hotel, inn, or bed-and-breakfast more appealing and enticing to guests.

These accommodations need to be redesigned, redecorated, or even renovated when some or most of their features already look tired and worn as this may drive away customers. Owners also have to invest in such projects if the overall style and design of their establishment appear out-dated.

Renovating and redecorating a hotel and other types of commercial accommodation, though, requires significant investment. Because of this, owners come up with different strategies to manage this type of project.

Some owners choose to renovate one or two areas or features at a time; others opt to create and work with a budget that allows them to improve all or several spots in their establishment at once.

If you own a hotel and think a renovation or redesign is in order, regardless of which route you go with, you can make a smart decision if you invest in premium commercial wallpaper in India for your rooms and other spaces.

Benefits of Choosing Wallpaper for Hotel Rooms

Wallpaper has been a staple in hotels and many commercial accommodations for many years now. Choosing wallpaper to update your hotel rooms, however, offers several advantages, the foremost of which include:

1. Variety of designs and style that elevate the look of any room

Wallpapers now come in more designs than the usual floral and striped prints. Because of this, you won’t have any difficulty finding a style that can give your rooms a more modern look.

Specially designed wallpaper can create a unique look for your brand. This type of wall covering can also complement and enhance the current branding style of your establishment.

Matte finish, canvas-textured, glitter-textured, and 3D wallpapers are three of the best types of paper-based wall covering material for hotel rooms. They have a modern look and appeal that can elevate any space.

If you are looking to add a touch of class and elegance to your guest rooms, royal patterned wall coverings can help you succeed in this.

They all come in different colours and designs as well, which means you can select the best ones that work with and enhance the overall décor of your hotel and the existing fixtures.

With the right choice of wallpaper type and design, you can effectively give your hotel rooms a more modern, up-to-date look and ambience.

2. Ease of maintenance

Most commercial and hospitality wallpapers are washable. As such, they are easier to clean and maintain, especially when compared to painted surfaces.

Smudges and fingerprints, which are often left behind by guests on walls, are common in all hotel and commercial accommodations. Removing them from painted surfaces takes more time.

Washable wallpaper, on the other hand, can be easily cleaned with a cloth wet with water and delicate dishwashing products or soap. This spot removal technique often takes only a few minutes to complete, thus freeing your housekeeping staff to clean and spruce up other rooms.

Keep in mind that cleanliness contributes to the longevity of hotels and commercial accommodations. Updating your guest rooms with wallpaper can help your brand with this.

3. Hassle-free replacement

High-quality hospitality wallpaper is manufactured with material backing that supports long-term adhesion and, at the same time, quick removal. Because of this, you can have these changed easily once they show signs of wear and tear.

This benefit is also something that you will appreciate when you need to have certain parts of the wall covering replaced. Installers can remove and change areas or strips that are damaged or look unappealing without getting rid of the entire wallpaper.

Aside from experiencing fewer hassles and less downtime when you want your walls to look better, you can also save money since you won’t need to have all the wallpaper replaced.

4. Cost efficiency

When you choose the right type of paper-based covering material and have it installed by professionals, your walls can impress your guests for many years. This is because high-quality wallpaper can last for as long as 15 years.

If your housekeeping team maintains the wallpaper properly, this feature can keep its excellent appearance for years without the need to replace damaged or badly stained areas or spots.
Also, premium paper-based wall coverings have a higher R-value than paint. This means they have better insulating properties, which will help the building conserve energy, whether temperatures are high or low outside.

This translates to lower energy bills, thereby enabling you to save money on your utilities.

With the right wallpaper, your guest rooms can have an updated, modern look effortlessly and quickly. And when all the guests are impressed by their accommodations, they will want to come back and recommend your hotel to others.


Because of this reason, do not discount the benefits wallpaper can give your accommodation when you need to update or redesign your rooms.

Visit our ‘Wallpaper’ page to see our selection of well-curated wall covering options for hospitality and commercial use.

How to Select the Best Fabrics for Your Office Furniture Pieces

The finer details make a huge difference in the design of your office. Office fit out goes beyond making informed choices when it comes to wall paint colour or flooring material – it also requires paying attention to the furniture.

One particular aspect of furniture selection that requires your utmost attention is the upholstery, or the fabrics used for the pieces. Insignificant as it may seem, choosing the right upholstery is a very important decision you must make. In fact, choosing correctly will help you ensure furniture durability and longevity while achieving the right mood for the room.

To help you out, we have compiled a concise furniture fabric selection guide you can use for your office design.

4 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Furniture Fabric

There are literally thousands of fabrics you can choose from when it comes to furniture upholstery. Considerations like materials, colours, and patterns are crucial in making sure that everything fits perfectly.

But before you can even start shopping, you need to review the base finishes in your office design first. Are they changing, or do they remain the same?

After that, you should also consider comfort and how it can improve the overall mood of the space. To help you understand the options you have further, here are four factors you should consider when choosing fabric for your furniture:

1. Sunlight exposure

Whether you like it or not, fabrics fade over time. However, you can make them last a bit longer by considering how much sun exposure they get when used on a piece of furniture. This means you can choose between moving the furniture away from windows or crevices that let sunlight in, or pick a material that hides the signs of fading. Placing furniture away from any source of heat can also help retain its original beauty.

2. Placement and use

A fabric’s durability will also depend on how it is used and where it is placed. Aside from exposure to sunlight and heat, the amount of traffic and use that a piece of furniture would be getting in a particular room should be considered.

For example, if the furniture is placed in low traffic areas, you can opt for more sensitive fabrics like silk or linen. For busy areas like the reception, you should consider choosing fabric that can withstand constant use, like fabric blends or those that are woven tightly.

3. Mood and overall aesthetics

After use, placement, and sunlight, your next consideration is the mood and overall effect the fabric has on the office design.

For mood, you should pick a colour that is in line with the vibe you want customers and other guests to get when they enter the room. This means that brighter coloured fabrics should be used in rooms that should have a cheery ambience, while areas used for relaxation should have furniture upholstery with warm tones.

Of course, the design is another crucial aspect you should think about to prevent your furniture from making the room look too busy or too boring.

Patterned fabric works well in hiding stains and withstands wear better than plain fabrics, but does it match your office’s overall style? You also need to think about whether you’ll enjoy seeing the design of the upholstery every day.

Also, the size of the furniture should be considered as some work better for smaller pieces while others may be best used for larger ones.

4. Cleaning, maintenance, and stain protection

In terms of cleaning and maintenance, you have to learn what cleaning method is ideal for the material you plan to use. This can be either water-based or dry-cleaning. Remember to heed manufacturer instructions in caring for the upholstery to make sure they last as long as they should.

You should also consider whether a fabric requires extra stain protection. Some upholstery fabrics have longer lifespans because they have undergone stain-resist treatment. Other materials even prevent moisture, mildew, bacteria, odors, and stains permanently.

Just remember to see whether these specialized fabrics require a special kind of cleaning process as well.

3 Types of Fabric Material to Choose From

Material is another major consideration for fabric selection. There are plenty of options available, each offering their own advantages. Read on to learn more about three of the most common types of materials you can choose from:

1. Vinyl

Vinyl is often used for stools and office chairs that are more susceptible to spills. It is a lot less expensive and can be wiped down without much fuss. However, it is also less comfortable compared to leather.

It is best to use vinyl in specific areas in commercial establishments, such as break rooms and children centres. Some types of vinyl can also be used in medical offices and clinics since they can retain their appearance even after being cleaned with a bleach solution.

2. Leather

Leather is another popular choice for office furniture, particularly executive chairs. Aside from giving the chair a distinguished beauty, leather is also one of the most durable upholstery materials out there.

However, there’s one big disadvantage to this type of material: the cost. It is generally more expensive than most material options. It also doesn’t breathe as well as fabric cloth or mesh, which makes it a poor choice for rooms that aren’t air-conditioned.

3. Mesh

Mesh has become a quite popular choice because of its ability to encourage airflow. It has become a viable alternative to vinyl and leather when it comes to office chairs because of its ability to maintain comfortable body temperature and avoid sweaty backs.

Fabric and Interior Design

Every small detail can affect the overall design of your commercial space, and fabrics are no exception. When implemented expertly, the use of fabric can help enhance an office interior design. Whether for floor carpeting and cotton rugs or furniture upholstery, our showrooms at NGC Nafees India will surely have the best type of fabric for your specific needs.

Top 7 Carpet Buying Mistakes to Avoid

One of the best ways to spruce up the style of the different rooms in your house is to add floor treatments. Installing a carpet or placing an area or accent rug can make a whole world of difference in the room’s appearance and overall vibe.

However, this task is not as simple as it seems. A lot of homeowners often end up with questionable choices or simply the wrong carpet for their home. Why? It’s because they make carpet mistakes while buying carpets that stem from a lack of preparation or not having a plan.

So, if you want the task of buying a home carpet done right and quickly, make adequate preparations and be sure to avoid the common mistakes that people make. Seven of these crucial mistakes are discussed below.

Mistake #1 – Having no established options in mind

Before heading off anywhere to shop for a carpet, make sure that you already have designs you like that perfectly fit the style of the rooms where you intend to place the carpets or rugs.

For this, you can go on Pinterest and pin carpet designs to base your shopping choices on.

Mistake #2 – Not paying attention to the underpad

Another common mistake that people make when buying a carpet is not thoroughly inspecting the underpad. The underpad is what helps keep carpets and area rugs in place. If it’s no good, it won’t take long before you need to buy a replacement. So, make sure that the underpad is thick and has a good overall quality to prevent the carpet from moving around.

Mistake #3 – Not taking your family’s lifestyle into consideration

Your lifestyle at home is an important consideration when shopping for carpets because certain carpet materials can prove to be a pain to deal with over time.

For instance, if you have little pets at home, you will find that particular carpet designs and materials such as wool accumulate more dander than others. If you are often too busy to vacuum your floors frequently, it’s best to choose a lower maintenance anti-dust carpet. It is not only easier to clean, but it is resistant to different types of dirt as well.

Other lifestyle considerations include whether you have young children who play on the floor all the time, your budget, the location of your home, and even your personal values.

Mistake #4 – Relying on size estimates

Size estimates are often unreliable when it comes to buying carpets, and it’s such a hassle to make an awkwardly sized one work or to have it exchanged for a carpet or rug in the correct size. So, avoid taking shortcuts; take the time to measure the room to determine the size of the carpet or rug you need for it.

Getting the right measurements before shopping for a carpet doesn’t take too much time. So, make sure to get this done so you can avoid installation issues and the hassle of returning the carpet in exchange for the appropriately sized one.

Mistake #5 – Equating numerical value with quality

A higher face weight can be an indication of quality, but it is not the only variable that determines that. Do not get too fixated on the numerical value assigned to the carpet.

Instead, inspect the weave of the material (carpet density), the twist of the fibers, the type of fiber, the stitches on the edges, and the underpad. These factors are actually more indicative of the true value of the product.

Mistake #6 – Focusing on what’s on sale

Sales are exciting because everybody’s always looking to get the best value for their money. The problem is that focusing more on the items for sale can make you deviate from your true choices and standards. As such, there is a risk that you would not really be getting the best value.

When shopping for carpets that are not only stylish and functional but can also serve your home for a long time, it’s smart to stay true to what you want. However, do inquire if you can get a good deal for it.

Mistake #7 – Not comparing warranties

Warranties are provisions that protect your investment. Therefore, it’s good to compare the warranties of your top options before deciding on what you will buy.

When comparing warranties, look beyond how long they would last, and keep an eye out for terminologies like “exclusions,” “abrasive wear,” and “texture retention.” These indicate limitations to the free-of-charge repair that the warranty is good for, for a certain period of time.


These are the seven most common mistakes people make when buying carpets. Now that you are aware of these, you can become better equipped to buy the best carpets to improve your home’s aesthetics and functionality.

If you are looking for top-quality carpets with beautiful designs and that come with an excellent warranty, check NGC Nafees India’s extensive selection. Our carpets, rugs, and mats come from the best manufacturers from different parts of the globe, and we offer these at the best prices.

10 Best Places in Your Home to Use Wallpapers Creatively

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There’s no doubt that wallpapers are versatile decorative products for the home or workplace. They are so much better than paint because they easily cover surface imperfections. At the same time, they come in so many more designs.

It’s worth noting, as well, that top-quality wallpaper offers a variety of uses at home. So, if you are looking for ways to elevate the style of your living space, wallpaper is the “obedient ingredient” to use. To provide you with ideas on how to get creative with wallpaper, we have identified ten of the best places inside your home where you can use it.

1. Cabinets

Wallpaper is so easy to cut down to size to fit into the display cabinets you have around the house. You can line the shelves and back panels within these cabinets with wallpaper and create a more uniform look for your grand rooms, kitchens, offices, and bedrooms.

2. Stair risers

If you have stairs at home, you can provide these with a splash of colour and texture by attaching wallpaper to the risers. Again, wallpaper is so easy to cut down to size, and you can get those peel-off ones in different colours and patterns because they are very easy to use. You can even get the kids to help out with the installation, and the project will be done in no time.

3. Tables

Do you have a lot of banged-up tables at home that you want to give a more stylish and polished appearance to? Wallpaper can easily take care of that. All you have to do is choose patterned wallpaper with a nice texture (to conceal dings and scratches better) that you like and lay it down evenly on the table. Make sure to smoothen out the edges to prevent fraying.

4. Splashbacks

The best quality wallpapers these days have a coating that makes them not just easy to clean but resistant to water and oil, as well. You can use these as splashbacks for your kitchen. The wallpaper will not only protect your wall from staining splatters from cooking, but these will boost the appearance of the room, too.

5. Ceilings

If you have not yet tried applying wallpaper to your ceiling, give it a try and automatically provide a room with old-world appeal, especially if you have coffered ceilings.

Some of the best choices of wallpaper to use for the ceiling are those with metallic elements because these reflect light. Do consider wallpapers that are thick and textured, as well, because they can add richness to the overall interior design of rooms.

6. Doors

You can make doors more interesting and unique by glueing on different designs of wallpapers to the coffers. Doing this can instantly give a room that Alice in Wonderland vibe where there’s an abundance of different prints and patterns that surprisingly go together really well.

7. Chairs

Take a cue from Martha Stewart who sticks thick, fabric-like wallpaper to the backrests of vintage French chairs. If you have these types of chairs and they are starting to look gnarly due to years of use, giving them a contemporary shabby chic look truly is just a matter of applying wallpaper to the backrests.

You can use scraps of wallpaper for this project, especially if you want to create a patchwork design.

8. Headboard

If you have a solid panel of wood for a headboard and you’re getting tired of its country-rustic appearance, you can upgrade its style by covering it with wallpaper.

This is such an easy project to carry out. It would take less than an hour to apply the wallpaper and get a new and more stylish headboard for your bed.

9. Divider Panels

If you use a divider panel to conceal certain parts of your home, or you use these to create an instant dressing room, spruce up their appearance by changing the design of the panels with wallpaper.

In Asian countries, washi and other types of durable paper are used for these divider panels. Wallpaper is an excellent substitute for those.

10. Electrical socket or switch plates

Cover your electrical socket and switch plates with wallpaper to add some colour and interest to monochromatic rooms. You don’t have to remove the plates from the wall. Just lay the wallpaper on the plates to accurately get the size and trace around the switches or sockets.

Afterwards, cut out the paper around the switch or socket, and then stick the wallpaper to the plate. With an Exacto knife, cut around the plate and get rid of the extra wallpaper.

Creative uses of wallpaper in your home do not stop with the ten shared above; there are still so many other possibilities.

If you are looking for beautiful wallpaper to use, visit us at NGC Nafees India.

We have an extensive selection of gorgeous wallpapers made by local and international companies. You will surely take delight in choosing colours, patterns and prints to use for your home.

7 Most Anticipated Wallpaper Trends This 2020

Underestimating the power of a well-picked wallpaper is a mistake you shouldn’t make, especially if you work in interior design. After all, wallpapers serve more purposes than just adding flair to a room.

From visually correcting wall deformations to changing the dimension of the room, using wallpapers provides plenty of advantages. It can also add interest to the design, helping it effectively exude the personality of the individual living in the space.

Whatever your taste may be, there is a wallpaper that could match it. From artistic optical illusions and floral patterns to geometric and architectural designs, your options for wallpapers are endless.

To make sure that you pick the right one for your next project, here are the seven most anticipated home wallpaper trends you can expect this 2020.

1. Rekindling a Love for Chintz

When it comes to artistic fields like interior design, taking inspiration from past trends to influence current ones is not unheard of. In fact, we often look back on the eras of the past when we face uncertainty for the future.

This is the very reason why chintz is now making a comeback in wallpaper trends. Chintz, which typically describes glazed calico textiles or fabrics from India that are printed with flowers and other colorful patterns, offers just the right amount of style and sophistication when used as a wallpaper. It can even be used to create a focal point or “feature” wall in a room.

2. Going Back to Nature

Aside from bold floral patterns climbing your walls in chintz-style wallpapers, interior design authorities foresee more nature-themed wallpapers to dominate 2020.

People will welcome the new decade with an increased awareness of the current state of the planet’s natural resources, which explains the increasing preference for sustainable and eco-friendly products. Wallpapers are no exception.

These days, when the desire to repurpose, recycle and repair has definitely become a goal for many, more botanical- and tropical-themed wallpapers are expected to be popular. Although we expect classic florals to remain a favorite, more people will go for bolder and more daring patterns. This is because more people want to bring nature into their homes and spaces, albeit through images printed on wallpaper.

3. Bringing a Room to Life with 3D

With love for all things natural rekindled, more people are expected to want more realism in their interiors. And what better way to fulfill their wishes than to use three-dimensional (3D) wallpaper prints?

With 3D wallpapers, you can make any room come to life. Because of this wallpaper’s unique design, even ordinary pictures can live in the walls, offering a bold and edgy aesthetic to any room.

This trend is directed more towards contemporary home designs in 2020. Aside from adding a sense of realism, 3D wallpapers also offer added “texture” to the interior, ranging from lifelike waterfalls to realistic brick walls and jungles.

On top of that, 3D wallpapers offer an environment-friendly option for homeowners who have started to rethink the sustainability of the materials they use to beautify their homes. This alone is enough to make people go for 3D wallpapers without batting an eye.

4. Getting Bolder with Graphic

Since bold maximalism is the common trend we expected in 2020, it comes as no surprise that more graphic wallpapers will also take center stage. In this decade, anything boring that sits quietly in the background is no longer driving how we design our spaces; 2020 is expected to be a year of bold décor sensibilities.

At the beginning of the year, many designers seek a sense of structure and security amid chaos. This is the very reason why more and more people go for elemental geometric arrangements that are both structured and bold at the same time.

5. Graduating to Gradient

If you haven’t come to terms with the maximalism trend that 2020 has to offer, then you might as well graduate from plain and boring neutrals to gradient hues. In wallpaper, this trend is expected to serve as a bridge between those who have more minimal tastes and the current trend leaning on more eye-catching décor because of its transitional nature.

6. Returning to Retro Art

Another loud-and-proud wallpaper design trend that will become popular in 2020 is retro art.

Although retro has always had a place in design trends, mid-century modern designs are making way for the older Art Deco theme popular during the 1920s. These luxurious and fun designs can be matched with warmer colors for a more comforting aesthetic while maintaining its glamour in the process.

7. Edging Away from Gray

After several years of dominating interior design, cool bluish-gray tones are beginning to make way for a new trend. In 2020, design trends are edging away from gray and leaning more on the warmer neutral tones like brown.

In wallpapers, this essentially means mixing together warmer-toned patterns. Matching classic florals and stripe patterns with exotic ones like kilims and ikats is also expected to be more popular this year. Just remember to stick to a complementary color palette to avoid overwhelming the space.

Choose Your Wallpaper

Picking a wallpaper can be daunting without prior knowledge about what’s hot and what’s not. Be sure to check out our showrooms at NGC Nafees India to find the wallpaper that best suits your taste.

5 Benefits of Using Carpet Tiles as Floor Covering

With the floor being one of the biggest, most noticeable and used surfaces in residential and commercial properties, you have to put careful thought into your choice of flooring material. Whether you are having your space built or remodelled, selecting a product based solely on appeal or price can be one of the costliest mistakes you can make.

This is primarily because your choice of flooring can affect the design and look of a room and your home or commercial space as a whole. It can also affect the functionality of the area.

Moreover, your floor covering will impact the level of comfort people will experience in the room. Top-of-the-line carpet tiles in India, for instance, are the best flooring options for bedrooms. You can walk around barefoot anytime without complaining about the cold and hard surface.

Additionally, your choice of flooring material can also have an impact on the health of the occupants of your home or commercial space. It can affect everyone’s routine, as well. If you select a product that requires frequent cleaning and maintenance, the occupants may soon find these chores exhausting and lose interest in doing them.

As a result, your residential or commercial property can become untidy and lose its appeal quickly.

The Rising Popularity of Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles, which are also known as carpet squares or modular carpets, are stylish, modern, and brilliant alternatives to standard carpet rolls. They are quickly becoming the top choice for both residential and commercial flooring needs due to the following reasons:

1. Quick Installation

One of the biggest benefits offered by carpet tiles is that these are quick to install. These are easy to put together and do not require the application of permanent glue or tack strips since they can be loosely laid.

Because of these reasons, the installation will go faster with little or no disruption to the space and occupants or other work taking place inside the premises.

Since the tiles are already pre-cut, the persons installing them won’t need to cut them to fit the floor.

Additionally, since the tiles are smaller, they are easier to transport and handle. Storing extra supplies won’t be too much of a hassle, too.

2. Exceptional Durability

Carpet tiles are made of the same materials as their roll counterparts. They undergo the same manufacturing process and, as such, are as durable as traditional carpets.

Carpet tiles can withstand heavy traffic even in the busiest spaces. Moreover, these have long lifespans. Because of these reasons, they are known as one of the best high performing flooring options around.

Also, most modular carpets have flexible backing. This extra feature makes these the perfect option for floors that are sure to receive plenty of regular wear and tear.

Some brands have the same capabilities of top-notch water-resistant carpets as well. This means that your floor will be protected from spills and accidental flooding.

3. Outstanding Versatility

Due to their shape and size, you can choose from unlimited layout options. There are also numerous designs, colours, patterns, and textures to choose from; because of this, you will have a floor covering that appeals to the eyes.

Your choice of product and layout can also reflect your personality or preference and the overall style of your property. Your floor, therefore, will complete and complement the design of your home or commercial space.

With carpet tiles, you also have the option of having these installed to cover the whole floor or to function as a rug.

Additionally, if you choose modular carpets as your flooring for your office or retail space, their versatility will allow the occupants easy access to the main floor — whether to install or check concealed cables or ducts.

Carpet rolls and other types of coverings do not offer this ease of accessibility.

4. Low Maintenance Requirements

Carpet tiles are easy to clean. These only require regular vacuum cleaning to keep the floor free from dust, dirt, and debris.

If you choose low pile modular carpets, you may even reduce the frequency of vacuuming since these tend to collect less dirt and dust.

In case a particular area becomes too heavily stained or dirty to clean, you can have it easily removed and replaced with a new tile. Your whole floor will be complete and look great again within minutes.

5. Sustainability Features

Most carpet tiles are made of recycled raw materials. Because of this, you are sure you will have an eco-friendly floor covering in your home or commercial space.

Since there is no need to cut the carpets during installation, you will avoid additional waste materials, too.

Moreover, when you need to have a particular area replaced, you don’t need to get rid of the entire flooring. You only have to remove the stained tiles. This will help minimise waste as well.

Modular carpets are also reusable. If they no longer meet your requirements or preference in terms of colour, design, or quality of appearance, when you have them removed, the tiles will still maintain their shape and condition. Because of this, they can be refurbished and used in other properties. They can also be upcycled and used for other purposes.


If you want an aesthetically appealing floor that is easy to install, durable, versatile, and eco-friendly, choose carpet tiles as your flooring material.

Visit the NGC Nafees India “Flooring” page to see our extensive line-up of carpet tile products.

7 Top Advantages of Investing in Wall-to-Wall Carpeting

Walking barefoot on carpet gives one a feeling no other flooring material can. It is soft and relaxing on the skin, although there is more to it than its texture.

Through the years, the popularity of installing carpets inside the home waned. Gradually, people saw the practical benefit of this material. As experts in carpet flooring in Dubai, let us share some of the reasons why it may be the perfect floor covering for your home.

1. Luxurious

Have you ever spent an evening or more in a five-star hotel? If so, then you may have noticed how extensive the carpets were in the building. Carpets are popular in hotels for several reasons.

Upon closer inspection, you can see what makes a luxury carpet. A combination of straight tufts of yarn for cut pile and short, densely-packed loops give it an elegant feel and appearance.

Pure wool carpets are exceptionally luxurious but also more expensive to purchase as compared to blends. A more practical option would be blends that combine nylon and wool. The carpet blends look stylish inside any home, but won’t drain your wallet as much as pure wool carpets.

Another advantage of a luxury carpet is how it feels on the skin. Carpets, in general, feel comfy to walk on. Walking on velvet carpets, on the other hand, feels like your feet are floating among the clouds.

2. Varied and flexible

Carpets are available in a variety of sizes, styles, designs, and colors. Much like wallpaper for walls, you can find a carpet that reflects your personality or the ambiance that you want to achieve. They are built to suit any interior, whether it is traditional, contemporary, or modern.

With so many distinct samples to choose from, you can choose to have the flooring material as the foundation. Furnishings and décor can be added like layers of paint on a canvas. On the other hand, carpets are also masterpieces and can work as the focal point in a room.

3. Safe

Hard flooring materials may look cool, but they can be hard on the body. Slips and falls on stone, tile, or even wood can leave you bruised or injured. Slipping or falling is particularly harder on the bodies of toddlers and the elderly.

Injuries are not limited to humans either. Dogs and cats tend to sprint while playing fetch or with other animals inside the home. They can bump into walls or other furniture.

By going for wall-to-wall carpet installation, you are protecting the people and animals in your home from the painful effects of falling or crashing into walls. Get wall-to-wall carpeting to give your feet some traction.

4. Heat insulation

Carpets are soft and warm to the touch. When you live in a cold environment, having flooring that can retain heat well is advantageous. It can lessen your energy and heating bills in the long run.

5. Noise absorption

Furnished hotels, apartments, and condominiums typically utilize carpets because of the material’s ability to reduce the amount of noise escaping from the room. The spaces may contain electronic appliances such as TV sets and stereos. These furnishings do not include what the resident owns or brings to the room, such as computers and phones.

Even just having carpet on the floor helps in noise reduction. Plus, this benefit is not just for you. The carpet’s noise absorption property prevents your neighbors from overhearing what you are doing or saying, so your privacy is assured.

6. Low maintenance

People who have allergies or asthma are traditionally discouraged from living in a carpeted space. Carpets hold on to dust and animal fur. However, contrary to popular belief, having carpets is a good thing.

With hardwood, stone or tiles, animal dander, and dust rolls on the floor, like tumbleweed. On the other hand, carpet fibers work well in preventing the dust or fur from moving around. If you can take the time to vacuum the carpet on a regular basis, you can remove any potential allergens from the floor and prevent respiratory issues.

7. Play surface and seating

Living with young kids can be challenging. Parents need to encourage their children to play, explore, and discover new skills while keeping them safe from harm. Carpet wall-to-wall covering provides all these.

In some homes, parents buy rubber mats as play surfaces. Instead of purchasing rubber mats, carpet flooring provides a cushioned surface where your kids can play.

Perhaps you have a large group of friends coming over to watch movies or sports. Instead of worrying about having enough seats, your guests can enjoy the comfort of sitting on your comfy carpet.

Regardless of the size or the number of surface the material covers, carpeting provides a long list of benefits for homeowners.

Get in touch with NGC Nafees today if you are thinking of getting carpeting for your home.

Our team is ready and willing to answer any queries you may have and provide recommendations on carpets that would fit your needs.

Quickship Delivery: Your Orders Delivered In 24 Hours

Following the successful launch in our Dubai branch, the 24-hour Quickship Delivery is now available to serve our customers in India.

Our popular brands of residential wallpapers are now in stock in India to serve your immediate requirements. We keep stock of over 5,000 products from trusted brands like Rasch and Rasch Textil, Collins & Company, TPP & EO, BN, and Casadeco & Caselio.

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5 Home Interior Design Trends to Watch Out For in 2020

Colourful combination of patterned wallpaper and upholstery for living room

It’s not just a new year that is coming up, but also a completely new decade. The year 2020 is just around the corner and it’s already showing us signs of brilliance.

From fabulous fabrics to fantastic furniture, there is more than enough reason to say goodbye to the old and say hello to the new inspiring interior design trends.

Incredible Interiors

A brand-new year brings about a lot of changes. Aside from personal resolutions, you may also want to see a change in the people and places around you. One of the most common things that get a dose of transformation is the home space.

Whether this space is big or small, there always seems to be an unexplained feeling of joy that comes with seeing one’s own home changed for the better. It doesn’t even matter if you just installed new flooring or completely renovated a whole section of your house; the feeling of buoyancy is undeniable. It can be truly uplifting to turn something old into something new for that much-needed fresh start for the new year.

So as we say farewell to tribal prints, statement ceilings, and Living Coral (Pantone’s previous color of the year) – trends that have ruled 2019 – let’s prepare our smiles as we welcome all the fashionable and up-to-the-minute trends that will shape the interior spaces of 2020.

Get ready with that swatch of awe-inspiring home wallpaper, dial the number of your trusty interior designer, and gather the whole family for an intense discussion on which of your old belongings will stay and which ones will need to fly away.

Here are some of the interior design trends that will dominate the interior halls and spaces of 2020:

1. Brilliant Blue

The Pantone Color Institute – one of the influential voices when it comes to aesthetics – has announced that Classic Blue is their Color of the Year for 2020. With this declaration, we can expect different shades and interpretations of this color.

As a new era begins, it is indeed a comfort to choose a color that is familiar to most, if not all, of humankind. Fortunately for those who stick to the trends, blue is a versatile color. It can provide a sophisticated backdrop to other interior design pieces or an elegant accent that adds a royal touch.

From indigo skies to azure waters, the variations of the color blue are almost limitless. While some purists will stick to the classic, some may push the envelope and opt for more adventurous shades. So whether you choose to use navy as your statement wall or add touches of cobalt to your kitchen counters, blue is a pigment that will evoke feelings of calm, serenity, and productivity.

2. Comfy Fabrics

If you’re one to cuddle up in a corner with a good book, then this year is the best time to invest in cozy fabrics. Go for imperfect leather, shearling, or soft and textured mohair fabrics that can be used as accents for your favorite chair or window seat.

Not only are these comfy fabrics fantastic to use as snug embellishments in your interior space, but they can also be used as upholstery fabrics for chairs, sofas, or pillows. You can also use fabrics to dress up your walls and windows. Experiment with colors and prints to get maximum impact and enjoyment. For example, mellow yellow tones give a pop of life when combined with neutral tones of beige or gray.

Choose fabrics that are simply delicious to touch and that luxuriously caress your skin. More importantly, go for upholstery textiles that are pretty but also practical. There are fabrics available in the market that are machine-washable or pre-treated to repel stains. There are even flame-retardant ones, too.

3. Curvy Furniture

Curvaceous couches, curved cocktail tables, or a slinky art piece or two – these rounded furniture pieces can greatly soften the look of your interior space. For 2020, you can do away with sharp lines and severe corners. Instead, go for undulating lines and stylish curves that will give your area a sense of fluidity.

You can invest in a curved sofa or a round coffee table, or get a free-form kitchen counter as a statement piece in the middle of your dining area. Tastefully combine it with other trends such as touches of the color blue or the use of soft and snugly fabrics, and you can be sure to feel a reinvigorating vibe in your abode.

4. Flowery Wallpaper

If you want to brighten up your home as the year enters, then you can opt to install floral wallpapers. The vibrant designs of these blooms can greatly affect the mood of the room as well as its occupants. From elfin florets to giant flower heads, designs can range from the classic patterns to bold and daring options.

These floral wallpapers can significantly amplify the visual volume of your interiors such as the powder room, walk-in closet, or foyer. You can plaster it all around the room if you’re using demure designs or choose a statement panel and stick on a plucky print.

5. Statement Floorings

If you’re tired of walking the same floor for years, then 2020 gives you the chance to finally walk away with a new design inspiration.

Statement floorings will be in vogue, so you can start looking at a variety of options. Selections range from stylish carpet tiles, vinyl flooring, or wall-to-wall flooring solutions that can decidedly enhance a room’s look and feel.

From dressing up your study’s floor with bold patterns or mixing and matching colors and prints using carpet tiles, you can play with several designs that best suit your needs and budget. You can also opt to use large rugs or cover a section with artistic carpet tiling.

The Beauty Inside

Whether you’re going for a soft look with floral wallpapers or you want to make a daring statement with avant-garde floorings, interior design touch-ups can greatly add to the excitement of welcoming a new year. What’s more important, however, is your positive attitude and outlook so that no matter how big or small your interior design makeover project is, you will have that electrifying fervor to go through with it.

Get in touch with our team at NGC Nafees India today so we can begin discussing your home’s transformation in the coming year.